Sunday, 24 Nov 2019

November 2015 Question of the Month

If flipped learning is a trend, it’s one with a considerable amount of staying power – and one that has the potential to fundamentally change how we learn and teach. So…not so much a trend so much as it is a revolution, perhaps?
We love flipped learning over here , so we couldn’t help but ask you the following question in November
Your answers were both plentiful and plenty wonderful!

Many of you were excited about screencasting tools.

@dhasty01 recommended Screencasto while @danpardy and @rdlmrborko recommended Screencastify.
But the recommendations didn’t ender. @HunzekerBizEd, @millerteach and @hfoe were big fans Sreencast-o-matic.
@stephafogarty agreed “I love using Screen cast-omatic. Any presentation can be turned into a video. Voice thread is great too! #edtech.”

Video technologies won the day. You provided many recommendations for using this engaging technology in your classroom.

@qmstech strongly recommended @EDpuzzle.
This was also popular with @ms_ruel, @joerdisWeilandt , @qmstech and @MrsKKeeley, who said of the platform, “Love using @EDpuzzle! Best part – S’s love it too! Engaging, effective and efficient.”
@YernarYernar999 and @Miller_Teach also had a lot of love for Educanon, the flipped learning technology that empowers teachers to make videos fully interactive, integrating with YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and Khan Academy.
The screen recorder and video editor Camtasia also came highly recommended by @joerdisWeilandt and several others.
Said @edtechjedi: Definitely @CamtasiaMac and @Camtasia Studio for PC. Best blend of Simple and Powerful out there #handsdown #EdudemicAsks.
@NZPETeacher enthusiastically agreed: Camtasia Studio by far! @Camtasia
YouTube of course ranked high, with a shoutout from @DanPardy.

For students in flipped classrooms, Powerpoint presentations are anything but boring.

That is, with the help of Office Mix, a free add-on for Powerpoint, which helps educators create more interactive presentations. This technology came highly recommened by @hfoe and @philemonBurney, who said, “Office Mix @OfficeMixTeam is great. Can easily turn existing#PowerPoint into interactive online videos with great analytics.”
@timroosMET was also a fan:

When it came to student-teacher-parent collaborative systems, Edmodo couldn’t be beat.

This platform was recommended by @HunzekerBizEd and @Miller_Teach.

And boy, did the interactive whiteboard technology, Explain Everything, fair well!

The platform garnered glowing recommendations from @MFredGrassi and @LavoieFred

Not surprisingly, you had excellent suggestions for portfolio technologies.

@FalveyKStars said: “favorite tool for flipped classroom Seesaw.”

And there were many more from here!

You also loved Haiku, Scribblar, Screenflow, Coogle Classroom, Educreations, Otus Plus, Zaption, Quizlet, Challenge U, Showbie, GAFE and TEDEd.


With so many great recommendations, it’s hard to know where to start first. You teachers sure keep yourselves busy – and there’s no doubt your students benefit enormously from all of your amazing experiences with flipped learning technology. So keep on exploring and keep on flipping!