Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

Decision on Delhi nursery admission criteria leads to confusion

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Of the 62 nursery criteria originally scrapped by Delhi government, 11 stay. The remaining 51 stand cancelled. This has led to some confusion as some schools had altered criteria following the government order of January 7, 2015. The government had issued a list of 62 criteria that it considered “discriminatory”, vague or “illogical.”
Following Thursday’s stay on government order, some schools changed criteria yet again. “I just now received a mail from [a] school and they had cut 10 points which were previously assigned for first born child. [I] called them and they said they following court orders and have put revised points on their website,” wrote a parent on admissionsnursery.com. Another parent wanted to know what the decision on criteria means for points for “first-born child.”
The 11 criteria retained:
1. Proven track record of parents (international / national/ state awardee / rural development / promotion of traditional art and craft / sport)
2. Original research / recognition received in the area
3. Father / Mother participates at state-level in the field [of] sports, music and writing
4. Special ground (parents with proficiency in music, sports, national awardee)
5. Adopted child / twins
6. Gender
7. School transport

 8. First-born
9. Status of child (i.e. order of birth in a group of siblings)

10. Empirical achievements of parents (sports, contribution to art and culture, freelancers)

11. Contribution, physical or professional work (both pro-bono) through a registered NGO