Sunday, 14 Jun 2020

Competition Commission rejects allegations against 11 organisations

Competition Commission has dismissed allegations of anti-competitive practices made against seven entities with respect to providing coaching services for various engineering examinations. The complaint was also filed against ACE Educational
Services, ACE Engineering Education, ACE Engineering Publications, ACE Educational Academy, Yadala Satyanarayana Memorial Educational Society, ACE Engineering Academy as well as Y V Gopala Krishna Murthy — who controls all the six entities. All of them are based in Andhra Pradesh.
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For the case, Competition Commission of India (CCI) considered ‘provision of coaching services related to GATE, ESE and State Engineering Services Exam in India’ as the relevant market. Among others, it was alleged that after taking the informant’s services, payment was delayed.
“Having regard to the allegations, the Commission is of the opinion that the stated facts and allegations of the case do not highlight any competition issue which requires intervention of the Commission,” the regulator said in a recent order.
Rejecting the complaint, CCI said opposite parties “do not appear to be dominant” in the relevant market.
In the absence of dominance, their conduct is not required to be assessed for alleged violation of Section 4 of the Competition Act, it added. Section 4 of the Competition Act pertains to abuse of dominant position.