Saturday, 23 Nov 2019

What is the Value of Agile Management Certification?

Product development will be simplified with Agile training. With the reliable assistance of the Agile training, one will get to know how to adopt Agile into the software development. The Agile training is solely designed to let you know about the key concepts of Agile as a project management approach, design and deliver high-quality products, learn how to lead the project management team and implement the best practices in your company. Now, the professionals use Agile as a software development approach. With no doubts, the professionals can get to know about the Agile through the Agile course.

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The Agile management certification will prepare for working with the Agile concepts and principles. Leading the Agile team is possible with the Agile certification. As well, the participants at the end of the course, will possess skills that are needed to manage the Agile team, resolve the difficulties of the Agile team, how to deliver the project or product on time, how to enhance the transparency of the team. This is why you are asked to do a course on the Agile management. There is no eligibility criteria required to take the course.  The participants should appear for a written examination to get the Agile certification.

What is Next to Agile?

If you are done with Agile, next you can take part in the leading SAFe® 4.5 certification. The Agile would have taught you how to manage single Agile team. On the other hand, the scaled Agile framework is going to teach how to synchronize the alignment, collaboration, Lean thinking, product development flow and on time delivery among more than one Agile teams to enhance the productivity of the company. You do not need to spend more hours or days to take part in the course. Just two days are enough to finish this SAFe® course.

The Benefits of Learning the SAFe® course are,

  • You will be prepared to appear for the SAFe® certification exam
  • You can come to know how the product development flow, Lean, Agile form the base of the SAFe®
  • You can empower with the Lean portfolio
  • You can backup a Lean-Agile transformation in your company
  • You can enhance your Lean-Agile leadership qualities
  • You can able to apply SAFe® to Agile development and scale Lean in your company
  • You can explore, release value and deploy continuously with SAFe®
  • You can identify and implement the Lean Agile mindset and principles
  • You can able to coordinate the development of large solutions
  • You will get classroom training for the full two days

You need to possess experience in scrum and five more years of experience in testing, software development, product development and project development to do the SAFe® course. You have to appear for the examination to get the certification. You will be given 30 days to prepare for your SAFe® examination. The SAFe® examination is a multiple choice and closed book examination. Second attempt on the examination should be done right after the first attempt.