Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019

Opt for CSM Certification – The Heart of all Agile Projects

The Scrum Master needs to be very familiar with the Scrum Methodology to ensure that an Agile project mobilises without any disturbances and roadblocks. This is why a Scrum Master requires exceptional proficiency is needed in the Scrum nuances and concepts, and the training in this regard must be a good mix of theory and practical applications. As a Registered Educational Provider of the Scrum Alliance, KnowledgeHut’s CSM certification course is a must for those who want to gain this important qualification and execute their Scrum Master duties with perfection. Learn more about this dynamic workshop and register for the CSM training to reap the long term professional rewards.

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About the Course

The CSM certification course offers you the most robust preparation for the all-important CSM Test. The course is divided into several progressive modules. It begins with lessons on the Agile Manifesto, and you will gain familiarity with the Scrum Foundations. An important part of being a Scrum Master is understanding the different Scrum Roles and how they impact the traditional project roles. You will also learn about the significance of the different Scrum Meetings – from Sprint Planning Meeting to Retrospective and Release Planning Meetings. As the course progresses, the trainer will delegate lessons on Scrum Artifacts, and another important section of the course is dedicated to the scaling of Scrum. Participants will be learning from a very updated curriculum, and tutors will also share best practices and industry tips that will be very useful in the long term.

What you will Gain from the Course

There are a lot of takeaways from a CSM certification. Participants, upon successful completion, will be armed with a skill set that will help them begin and manage an Agile project in a satisfactory manner. The course fees include the costs of the CSM certification exam, and you will also gain 14 to 16 PDUs and SEUs from the program, depending on the exact number of hours spent under training. Participants will also enjoy a 2-year membership with the global Scrum Alliance. This will give them access to a whole lot of resources and networking opportunities. Apart from being trained by trainers with vast industry credentials, students of the course will also get exclusive study material.

Impactful Education

What makes KnowledgeHut such a unique learning platform? With a presence across the world and access to the latest industry resources and a top faculty, there is no better place to gain an important credential from. The CSM course includes many interactive elements and real-life examples which will help participants soak in the theories and concepts very effectively.

The cutting-edge learning platform is easily accessible, and these courses are designed for those with busy schedules. Whether you opt for the corporate training or the classroom, be ready to benefit from a comprehensive curriculum and gain the best industry-relevant resources that will help you even after the program is over. The world is a competitive place, and you should not miss out on these career-boosting learning opportunities.