Sunday, 3 May 2020

Useful Hacks To Give A Flawless Performance In Board Exam

CBSE Class 10 Science Paper: Useful Hacks To Give A Flawless Performance In Board Exam

“Science is all about concepts and their applications”


“Students are standing on the verge of board examination and experiencing the pressure to perform the best. It is going to be their first board examination which may become one of the major factors to decide the line of studies for future. Hence, it becomes a major concern for them as how to give it ‘a flawless shot’ and be the master of their future,” comment Ms. Anima Dixit, TGT Chemistry and Mr. Dinesh Yadav, PGT Physics of G.D. Goenka Public School, Greater Noida. CBSE Board examinations of both Class 10 and Class 12 have already started and the major theory papers will begin soon.

“The efforts may prove to be surely positive, if are done up to the maximum extent. So, utilize all of your strengths and work upon the weaker areas with specific attention,” advises Ms Dixit and Mr Yadav.

Here are some important points they suggested for the students who are appearing for their Science papers this year:

“Put your best efforts at this point of time as this is the right moment for you to invest yourself and to earn your first identity. We need to concentrate on the preparation of the subjects, not on what we will get as the result. If you are learning for the sake of knowledge and ability and to become apt in your subjects, results will definitely fall into your desired horizons”

“You have the benefit of (80 + 20) marking scheme this year as well, where 80 marks you get from your examination performance and 20 marks from your internal assessment. This year, board has made some amendments in the pattern of question paper also as it has added more choice in questions which definitely will help you to use your stronger areas in Science”.

“Science is all about concepts and their applications. Be it the concepts, numerical in Physics, equations in Chemistry and diagrams in Biology, you have to be apt in everything”.

“Before the exams, you must devote your time to only revise the portions you already have studied and prepared in your pre-board examination. No new things need to be done in this revision period. You should give equal weightage to memorization and writing practice both”.

“Every chapter must be summarized in bullet points to revise in the wee hours including all important definitions, formulas, structures, equations and flow charts in bullet key points”.

“The chapter ‘Carbon and Compounds’ is conceptual and very scoring, so mug up all the concepts by practicing questions as much as you can. Electron dot structures, Equations relating to carbon’s properties, esterification, saponification, soap-detergents, isomerism, homologous series and IUPAC nomenclature must be on your tips to score well in Chemistry”.

“In ‘Periodic Classification of Elements’ you need to be crystal clear with the trends of properties and the reasons. In ‘Metals Nonmetals’ and ‘Acid Base and Salts’ chapters you have to be crystal clear for their physical and chemical properties, formation of bonds, Extraction of metals, identifying properties, preparation, chemical properties, uses of salts, neutralization reactions etc. Balancing of chemical equations and the types of reactions are also the concepts which will enrich your preparations if done properly”.

“Diagrams, flow charts and equations are sure shot tools to fetch full marks in the answers but always write the balanced equations if are asked to give. Practice of writing a precise answer in bullet points including everything asked in the question, to be done well prior to the exam”.

“In Physics ‘Light and Human eye’ chapters are very scoring, only you need to be clear in your sign conventions and ray diagrams of lenses and mirrors. Do practice Defect of vision and their correction diagram, dispersion of light, concept-based questions related to atmospheric refraction and scattering of light. All the concepts and statements of different laws should be on your tips of Chapter Magnetism and Electricity. Practice numerical related to combination of resistors, electrical power, lens formula, mirror formula and power of lens. Write all the formulas at one place. Make short notes to revise at a glance”.

“Time management during the preparation and in examination room can even become the result changers. Do not give much time to the portions and questions you find difficult, instead first give your time to secure marks from your stronger areas. Later, you can utilize time for attempting the rest. Never leave any question unattempted in question paper because something is always better than nothing. Sample papers should be done before leaving to the examination to warm up your mind to get into the right mode of thinking”.

“You don’t have to stress yourself with the pressure of examination as it could lower the brain power. Let it be free with the idea to learn as much as it can, instead of unduly pressurizing it to perform the best. Let it come naturally”.

“So, have faith in yourself!! Utilize all your strong points, manage the weaker ones. Remember!! You are very close to the finishing line right now. Give your last and best stroke along with strict time management to hit the winning screen and to come out as the winner. All the very best!!”