Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

Board Exams 2019: Tips for solving Physics equation

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There’s less than a fortnight left to go for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 physics examination on March 5 . One should remember that the exams begin on March 2, so that leaves students with hardly any time to revise their lessons thoroughly.

Physics can make or break a student’s rank in the boards. “I scored above

90 in all my subjects in Class 12. My percentage would have been higher but for physics. I scored 62 in the subject and my percentage came down to 87%,” says Priyanshu Parmar, now studying at MCM DAV College.

“This exam is not one of the easiest, it’s ‘conceptual’ with ‘indirect’ mathematics and not easy to crack, but if attempted well it can result in a good score,” says Kuldeep Singh, physics lecturer at the Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) in Sector 16.

Suraj Mahadevan, a teacher at GMSSS 37 always advises his students to not leave physics revision for the last minute before the exams. “Physics has to be revised constantly. One has to keep revisiting each topic regularly to understand what it’s about and for ensuring a good score. Otherwise they are likely to get confused and stressed at the eleventh hour before the exam, which is going to reflect on their performance.”

Although one needs to be good at math to understand physics, “those who ensure their concepts are clear can get a good score,” Mahadevan adds.

Most of the chapters are interlinked. Without studying one chapter thoroughly you cannot jump to the next. Although students do get choices in the exam no one can predict which chapter will be covered in the paper, so it’s essential that students revise the syllabus thoroughly, says Narendra Kumar, a teacher at Guru Nanak Dev School.

Nancy Dhiman, who scored 97% in the boards last year, says “the trick is to prepare the whole year for D-Day. I studied, cleared all the concepts and covered the entire syllabus by January and worked on the confusing topics in February. Through it all I focused on NCERT and question banks from previous years.”

Narendra Kumar says some students he knows want to tackle the exam paper immediately without bothering to read it carefully. That’s not right. To solve the concept-based questions, students have to first read the paper very carefully” or miss out some important point.