Thursday, 19 Dec 2019

Independence Day 2019 Speech Ideas For School Students

Independence Day 2019 Speech Ideas For School Students

Independence Day 2019: Speech ideas for school students


NEW DELHI: With 73rd Independence Day falling this year, students must be in the middle of preparing for culture programs and activities in their school. The occasion justifiably brings the entire school community together and everyone from students to teachers join hands to make the occasion memorable until next year. In Independence Day celebrations, the role of the student who is selected to deliver a speech on the occasion is of vital importance.

It can be difficult for students to prepare a relevant and interesting speech on the occasion of Independence Day. Students can keep the following tips in their mind while preparing their Independence Day speech:

1. Decide a theme for your speech. A theme narrows down your work. The theme could be anything – Progress and Development in the country, What roles can students play in development of the country, Remembering freedom fighters, Importance and Ideals of Freedom etc.

2. After you have zeroed in on a theme, do your research. Take help from a teacher or any adult to ascertain that the information you have collected is factually correct.

3. Compartmentalize the information gathered.

4. Write your speech. Your speech has a clearly defined introduction, middle and conclusion. In the introduction clearly state the theme of your speech and why you chose it. Then elaborate on your theme, and provide the information you have gathered in an eloquent way. Conclude your speech with focus on the theme of the entire speech.

5. Remember that the language of the speech should be easy to comprehend by the prospective audience. To make your speech impactful, include relevant quotes from freedom fighters, leaders, and other famous personalities