Sunday, 22 Dec 2019

Engineering, business and economics subjects at university ‘most likely to make a billionaire’, according to new Billionaires League

Heading off into higher education is a major decision for many, and picking the best subject to study while at university can be an even bigger, and more important, choice – especially if the course you choose determines whether you will join one of the world’s rarest groups – the billionaire league. With less than […]

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Artificial intelligence 'should be used to give children one-on-one tutoring'

Artificial intelligence should be used to provide children with one-to-one tutoring to improve their learning and monitor their well-being, academics have argued. One-to-one tutoring has long been thought the most-effective approach to teaching but would be too expensive to provide for all students. However, in a paper, academics from University College London’s Knowledge Lab argue […]

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