Sunday, 14 Jun 2020

Maths isn’t the problem – the way it’s taught is

Acounty council gathers data about where road accidents take place, identifies an accident blackspot, places a speed camera there, and notices that the frequency of accidents decreases. Moreover, this is not a one-off: many other councils have observed similar reductions. Does this show that speed cameras improve road safety? The answer isn’t as straightforward as […]

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Growth in university education is affecting graduate earning power

The rapid expansion of university education is affecting the earning power of graduates, according to a Bank of England study showing the value of a degree has declined sharply over 20 years. Threadneedle Street said those leaving university could expect to earn more over their working lives than people without academic qualifications, but that the […]

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Why the EU matters for universities

Why do I care about our future in Europe? Because it’s in my blood. In my mind, I see my grandfather sitting on the wall a century ago opposite the familiar scene of King’s College, Cambridge, reading. An agricultural labourer from a working-class family in Shepreth, self-taught, like so many of his generation. Hungry for […]

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